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Thrive TMS Testimonials


"For the first time I feel like I am participating in life"


“I have experienced depression since age 12 and have been taking some kind of antidepressant since age 25. Daily feelings of hopelessness, sadness and thoughts of death have plagued me all these years. Since completing TMS I have felt a great relief of my symptoms. The first thing that left me was my thoughts that life was just not worth living. I now look forward to each day when I wake up instead of a looming fear of dread. I'm not sad anymore, I feel like I have a purpose, all of my relationships have improved, and for the first time I feel like I am participating in life rather than just watching it go by as if I'm watching a movie. My providers at Thrive were so kind and compassionate and consistent. I felt safe and cared for every step of the way. I couldn’t be more thrilled to recommend TMS to anyone suffering with depression!”

Confident Mature Woman

“TMS gives you back your power"


"It gives you back the ability to choose something better for yourself and not to be a victim of depression any more. Having that power back is life-changing. It’s like the weight around my foot is gone”.

Woman with Grey Scarf

“TMS has given me a quality of life I didn’t know was possible”

“I wish TMS was the first line of treatment, because this feels like a miracle. In my life I have been on over 17 psych meds that only made my symptoms worse, or had unbearable side effects. TMS has given me a quality of life I didn’t know was possible. My depression is gone. I am sleeping better than I can ever remember. I have more energy. My anxiety is next to nothing. My PTSD symptoms are barely noticeable anymore. I have started to live a life I couldn’t even imagine before. TMS gave me freedom, not only to live my life, but to flow through and enjoy my life.”

Happy Sports Woman

"For the first time in my life, I feel better!"

“I have spent years taking medications, undergoing counseling, and reading self-help books trying to feel better. For the first time in my life, I feel better! I have new clarity and perspective and can actually take in information and apply it to my day to day. We all have things that have happened to us, we all have ups and downs in life, but now I have hope and clarity through it.”

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