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What does the process to treatment look like?

Process to treatment.png

STEP 1: You will complete a TMS screening, either by phone with our staff, on our website, or we will email or text you the link


STEP 2: You will be contacted by our TMS Coordinator to review your screening and determine if TMS at our clinic is right for you. If so, we will schedule a Zoom meeting with our TMS Coordinator and our TMS Medical Director. 

In that meeting: 

  • you and our TMS coordinator will go over the fundamentals TMS (technology, results data, schedule, etc.) 

  • you will speak with the TMS Medical Director to gather all the necessary information for insurance requirements and Thrive safety standards. (NOTE: if you are already established with one of our Thrive providers, this portion may not be necessary)

  • you will have a financial discussion with our TMS Coordinator so you will be fully aware of any out of pocket costs (this does not mean your insurance company has approved treatment yet)

  • you will complete a couple of standard and required forms for our office


STEP 3: After your Zoom meeting, we will apply for prior authorization with your insurance company


STEP 4: Upon approval from your insurance company you will be scheduled to come to our clinic to meet your TMS Technician, see a demo of the TMS equipment, receive instructions for your first treatment and information about our mindfulness program, and get your schedule

STEP 5: Start your journey to recovery!

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