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A Letter from our Medical Director - Jennifer Behnke, PMHNP-BC

Updated: Feb 6

People often ask us “Does Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) actually work?”. Quite frankly, you may be wondering the same thing. We thought you might be interested in seeing our outcomes data!

*n=75; “responding” = PHQ9 decreased by half or more; “remission” = PHQ9 score of 4 or less

(Compare to STAR*D data which reports antidepressants have a 50% response rate and 25-35% remission rate, decreasing with each subsequent medication trial)

I’m thrilled to report our outcomes and would sincerely love the opportunity to give you more information about TMS as a safe and effective treatment for depression and anxiety without medication side effects.

Want to learn more about the risks and benefits of TMS? Want more data? Want to come see our office and meet our team? Give me a call or email me directly and I’m happy to connect with you.


Jennifer Behnke, PMHNP-BC

Medical Director

What our patients are saying:

Prior to TMS, I felt out of control. So many thoughts I couldn’t control or work through. Relationships were hard and I struggled to find the words to express my emotions. I have had problems my whole life with this issue. Now looking back, after completing TMS, I can say that this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Relationships are easier and my social anxiety has decreased exponentially. I am finding my words easier and more quickly to express myself. I am in control and finally have a better handle on recognizing and assessing my needs. Thanks to TMS and the Mindfulness Sidekick, paired together, I have benefited greatly!


TMS has helped me so much with depression and anxiety! It was hard to stick with it through my cancer diagnosis during treatment, but I did it. I stuck with it and came when I could muster the strength to come. It worked, it really worked. At first, I didn’t realize how much work was affecting me. I couldn’t work. I needed to focus on TMS and I am so glad I took the time off to do this. I can’t believe how I feel now. It’s like I have come back to life again. This has helped me manage my anxiety in a way that I didn’t think was possible. I am able to go back to work and resume a normal life. I am so glad I did TMS!


I would definitely recommend TMS to anyone struggling with depression. The team at Thrive is full of compassion and knowledge, and my experience felt very personalized. I appreciated their custom-care approach which made me confident going forward with treatment. Their follow-up phone calls and check-ins made me feel like a valued individual rather than just another patient. It is clear Jennifer and Ryan love what they do, and their technician team, Bridie and Anna, were such pleasant people with wonderful conversation that made me look forward to my daily treatment sessions.”

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